Promotional Products Info

What are promotional products?

Promotional products are typically small, useful items with a company brand or logo. They can include key chains, pens, pencils, small flashlights, tote bags and phone wallets. Some more recent promotional items include stress balls and power banks for charging mobile devices. 

Promotional products are often used at trade shows and public events. They can be given as gifts for academic awards at graduations and other institutional ceremonies. Products used every day can be given to employees, to help with brand exposure. When employees use pens or tote bags with company logos, for example, people are likely to notice and some may even make inquiries related to the company name. In general, promotional products are designed to increase awareness of the brand name or company name.

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Why Use Promotional Products?

When promotional products are given out at trade shows and public events, brand awareness increases. While exposure at public events can help a company increase brand awareness, the small items with the company name will help people remember the company and what it does. This gives the firm an edge over competitors, because potential customers will think of the company with the logo or brand name first, before calling competitors.

Promotional products are tokens that show customer appreciation. Therefore, the type of promotional products given to them should be chosen with great forethought. The items should be those likely to be used on a regular basis. 

Pens are used in a variety of situations, such as while grocery shopping, banking, and signing official documents. They are more likely to be noticed by others. Tote bags and phone wallets are items that can be used frequently as well. They are likely to be noticed by friends, family, business associates, and by strangers in public places. They make exceptional promotions items because the company logos are hard to ignore.

Promotional products as academic awards are used to increase brand awareness and recognize academic achievement at the same time. Items like power banks and phone wallets are likely to be used often by college or A level graduates, who tend to embrace mobile electronic devices and use them often. 

Who Should Use Promotional Products?

Companies that offer services or products to the public can generally benefit from giving out promotional products. Companies in the financial services industry, such as financial institutions and investment firms benefit from offering items to customers and potential customers, who come into contact with other potential customers. 

Retailers who want to promote their own product brand or a new brand they've decided to carry can benefit by offering promotional products in stores, to direct customers to the products and brands of interest. Companies developing new marketing campaigns can advertise free products, as a means of generating greater interest in what they have to offer.